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Review: Oracles Moon

Author Thea Harrison 
Format e-book 
Print Length 336 pages
Publisher Berkley Sensation 
Published March 6, 2012 

When Grace Andreas's sister, Petra, and her husband are both killed, Grace inherits the Power and responsibilities of the Oracle of Louisville, as well as her sister's two young children--neither of which she is prepared for. Then Khalil, Demonkind and Djinn Prince of House Marid, decides to make himself a part of the household both as guardian and counterpoint to Grace's impudence towards the Elder Races. 

My Opinion 

In the Serpent’s Kiss we met both Grace who is the Oracle and Khalil, a Djinn. This is their story, one of which I was waiting for. They stole the show in Serpent’s Kiss from the moment they showed up on the pages. After being introduced to them I could have cared less what happened to the two main characters, I wanted to know about these two. 

Grace inherited the power and responsibilities of the Oracle when her older sister died, along with her niece and nephew. Responsibilities that have her drowning in debt, and unable to see a way out of their circumstances. Khalil promised to look after the children while she did her Oracle duties for Carling and Rune. Grace thought he only meant for that moment in time. Khalil had something different in mind, such as a lifetime or two. There is a huge threat to Grace and the children that Khalil will take on. 

I love how down to earth Grace is and how formal Khalil is. They shouldn’t match, yet they do. She is more seat of your pants kinda gal, he is a man with a plan. He is also old as dirt, and had very little interaction with the humans that he has always viewed as beneath him. That is until Grace. His interactions with the children are amusing, and heartwarming. His protectiveness is just down right sexy. 

Khalil can kinda be scary- a lot of the Elder Race is wary of him. Grace on the other hand does not have the luxury of being scared of him. Instead she has bills to pay, mouths to feed, and no way to do it. I love that she tackles Khalil head on, and does not back down from the scary Djinn. 

While this is a bit of a departure from the last three books, we do see some old favorites- Dragos, Pia, Carling and Rune. There is more of everyday situations and everyday hassles as well. Ultimately a great addition to a good series. One that has it all- romance, action, supernatural and bills. 

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote “I did not know I needed grace before I met you.” 

Other People 

Chloe- Grace’s niece 
Max- Grace’s nephew

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