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Review: The Mane Attraction

Author Shelly Laurenston 
Format e-book 
Print Length 320 pages 
Publisher Brava 
Published Oct. 28, 2008 

Weddings have the strangest effect on people. How else to explain the fact that Sissy Mae Smith woke up in Mitch Shaw's bed the morning after her brother Bobby Ray tied the knot? Or that gunmen are trying to kill Mitch, and Sissy Mae now has to escort a bleeding, stubborn, yet still incredibly sexy lion shifter to her Tennessee Pack's turf to keep him safe? It doesn't help that Mitch's appraising gaze makes her feel like the most desirable creature on earth, or that the ultimate stray cat is suddenly acting all kinds of possessive...

Mitch is an undercover cop who's about to testify against some dangerous ex-associates. Even more worrisome, he's harboring hot, X-rated fantasies about the fast-talking little canine-and he has to deal with every male in Sissy Mae's Pack sniffing around her in a way that makes his hackles rise.. Mitch has his pride, and he intends to show Sissy Mae that when a lion sets out to make you his mate, the only thing to do is purr, roll over, and enjoy one hell of a ride... 

My Opinion 

My opinion of Sissy Mae was completely turned with the last book and her past put me off in a big way. So color me surprised when she gets her own book, with Brendon’s brother Mitch as the love interest. Mitch is an undercover cop who has a mob boss after him since he is going to testify in the biggest case of the decade, maybe even the century. At her brother’s wedding, Mitch is shot and Sissy Mae decides to hide him. After all, she and Mitch are great friends, so off to Tennessee they go. In the previous two books, these two had chemistry but I figured it was just flirting friends boy was I wrong. 

Sissy Mae is one mean as heck wolf shifter. She really does not take too kindly to those with a weakness or those that attack what is hers. For those of you that are wondering, Mitch is hers, she just doesn’t know it yet. She is not afraid to kick some behind and take names later. She is afraid of falling in love as she sees it as a weakness. She also like to cause trouble, it makes her happy. 

Mitch is a born prankster, and loves stirring the pot. I suppose that is why I am so surprised that they are the love interest in this book. Usually an author pairs opposites together. These two are two peas in a pod and that can only cause trouble later on down the road. Trouble that we are readers will get to watch and enjoy. 

Holy cows, the mobster sent a hit man after Mitch, at Smitty’s wedding and then down to Tennessee. That is one determined guy. Too bad, Sissy Mae and her entire family is going to make sure that Mitch is going to stay alive. 

This was one funny book, Sissy Mae and Mitch together are a riot. I do feel that I am still tainted by what was revealed of Sissy Mae’s character in the last book. Which is why I did not love her. Mitch was funny as all get out. With his feed me now woman attitude and his concern not with bullets flying at him but his hair/mane. It will make you chuckle. Plus, I like that Sissy Mae is the strong one in this book. Sometimes the male needs to bend to the female and this book does deliver that. 

This is a great addition to the series. Sissy Mae and Mitch’s story is a fun filled, laughter inducing good time. The fact that they don’t take themselves too seriously is great. I did waver between three and four stars here, mainly because I had issues liking a bully. And make no mistake that is what Sissy Mae is. 

My Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote “To quote Janie Mae, “Sissy came out of my womb with her middle finger raised.” 

Other People 

Dee-Ann- Sissys cousin 
Janie Mae- Sissy’s momma
Ronnie Lee- Sissy's bestie

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