Sunday, August 26, 2018

Review: House of Darken

Author Jaymin Eve 
Format e-book 
Print Length 340 pages 
Publisher self 
Published June 1, 2018 

When Emma moves to Astoria, Oregon, she is given two rules: 

#1 – Don’t cross to “their” side of the street. 

#2 – Don’t mess with the elites, especially Lexen Darken, top elite and resident bad boy. 

While she finds this both weird and insulting, Emma has no actual intention of breaking these rules - until her guardians go missing. Now all bets are off. Only a single line separates her side of the street from the elites', and she's crossing it.

Captured and held by Lexen and his brothers, she learns the rules are in place for a very good reason. There's a secret world hidden in this small town which goes far beyond the one she knows and understands. 

A world not for humans. 

My Opinion 

It should be well-known by now that I love everything that Jaymin Eve write. So it was no wonder that this was on pre-order for me. With the blurb, I was unsure of what direction she would be moving in. Would she be going for shifters, aliens, fae, demi-gods? But who cares, Jaymin Eve wrote it. That being said I was not surprised when it was humans and aliens. Other have said that this one reminded them of Roswell, for me it did not. The only similarities were the aliens. 

Emma’s guardians found an amazing deal on a house in Astoria, Oregon. They wanted to move there because they heard that there was supernatural accordance in the surrounding area. Yepper, they were hunters of all things supernatural. Emma had no clue why, but they took her in when her parents died so of course she is not going to argue or fight them on moving. There were only two rules for her to follow, and she wasn’t going to break them. Until her guardians go missing. 

Emma was a bit weepy in this book, which is not the norm for a main character in any of Jaymin Eve’s books. So that took a while for me to get use to. I get it, her parents died and grief is an ugly thing but man can this girl bring on the tears. The back and forth between being a strong female character and crying was a lot for me to come to terms with. She was also as clumsy as Willa for another one of Jaymin Eve’s series, Curse of the Gods. 

Lexen is like any of the other alpha males, strong, distant, and worried only about his family. His attraction to Emma throws him off, and it nice to see him stumble a little. Lex was sent to Astoria due to political manipulation. So it makes sense that he is grumpy about being there away from his people, which makes him stand-offish to the humans he is around. 

This book kinda reminded me of a fire, slow to start burning but once the action caught it was roaring to go. I enjoyed the moments when Emma was being strong and feisty. I loved every scene in it that had Lex (he reminded me of Braxton from the Supernatural Series). There is a lot of world building in this book, both Astoria and the Otherworld. This contributed to the slow burn a lot. There is a lot of division in this book too- between the rich and the poor, the humans and the Daelighters. 

This one is tied with Trickery, from the Curse of the Gods series by Jaymin Eve. I like it but I didn’t love it and I really hope that the other books in the series have a better female lead. Emma was good when she was strong and sassy, but there were times when she just plain got on my nerves. 

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote "Oh, goodie, I had been waiting for the cliché mean girl warning." 

Other People 

Jero- Lex’s brother 
Marsli- Lex’s brother 
Star- Lex’s sister 
Daniel- Lex’s besties

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