Friday, April 27, 2018

Review: Love Beyond Opposites

Author Molly E. Lee
Format e-ARC
Print Length 150 pages
Publisher Entangled: Crush
Published May 7, 2018

If high school has taught mathlete Jade Aaron anything, it's that nerds never get the guy. 

So when rock star Lennon Pryor starts pursuing her, It's not rocket science. This doesn't add up. 

I mean, sure, he's hot. 

And charming. 

And a god on the guitar...

But he's also the world's biggest player. Being with him would be a bigger mistake than 2+2=5.

Until graduation night, when a reckless moment leads to a reckless kiss. And now Jade's falling for the one guy destined to break her heart.

My Opinion

Finally Jade and Lennon’s story is here! I calmly sat down to read this one, with a cup of hot tea. The hours flew by and before I knew it I was done. So much fun! Who doesn’t love a love story where both of the characters secretly like each other, they are opposites and where they are perfect for each other.

Lennon is a rock star, with a big fat puffy heart. He is adorable and I felt horrible when he is encouraged not to mess with Jade. I understand the rationale behind it but come on. I love how ambitious and focus he is on his music career which is a good thing but I did think he was making a mistake but not having a back-up plan. The fact that he keeps seeking her out, every week just made me swoon. Plus, their cute nicknames for each other yeah my heart was a puddle.

I adore Jade, her ability with numbers a gift and her secret an even greater gift. I loved that Lennon knew about her secret and was silently supporting her the entire time. The fact that her mother did not encourage her made me want to punch her in the face. What kinda parent does that?

Both characters have some adult decisions to make. And while they don’t have to be made right that minute, they had to be made soon enough to matter.

Love Beyond Opposites is an adorable read about a boy who has a crush on a girl. A girl who understands her potential and who believes in a guy. I loved the dual points of view and hated when Lennon made a stupid mistake. A sweet story that makes you believe in the power of opposites.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote The perfect combo of beauty and brains with the most epic sense of humor.

Other People

Fynn- Lennon’s bestie
Braylen- Jade’s bestie

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