Monday, April 16, 2018

Review: Challenge Accepted

Author Amanda Abram
Format e-book
Print Length 302 pages
Publisher self
Published Jan. 25, 2018

Emma Dawson and Logan Reynolds have been neighbors and enemies for as long as either one can remember. Despite the fact their BFF fathers have been encouraging them their whole lives to be friends, they've managed to avoid each other at all costs. Emma thinks Logan is a callous jerk who cares about nobody but himself. Logan thinks Emma is a stuck-up goody-two-shoes with no life. The two couldn't be any more different...which is why Emma is so confused when the Emerson High Computer Club's "Summer Fling Compatibility Test" concludes they're a perfect match. 

But Logan’s not confused. He lied on the test to make his "sometimes girlfriend" think they're not meant to be and now Emma is furious that he made her lose out on the chance of having a swoony summer romance with the perfect guy. Forced by his stepmother to make it up to her, Logan decides to help her win the heart of her lifelong crush: his best friend, Matt. 

He knows how much of a challenge this will be. Matt is good-looking, popular and outgoing. Emma is quiet, bookwormish, and scared of everything. However, Logan is convinced that with some major tweaking, he can transform Emma into someone Matt could fall for. But as the summer heats up, so does their budding friendship… and soon, they may be faced with the biggest challenge of all: falling for each other.

My Opinion

Emma’s dad and Logan’s dad have been best friends forever, their mom’s as well. They are even accepting of Logan’s step-mom (his dad was a widow). They dreamed that Logan and Emma would be friends but that didn’t happen. Logan was always the little demon boy next door who terrorized Emma growing up. Until their parents finally gave up on them and accepted that they would not be friends. Now that she was about to begin the summer before her senior year of high school she has two goals- organize her book collection and find love. That is where the Summer Fling Compatibility Test comes only Logan screws it up. Add it to another thing Logan does to mess with Emma.

Logan knows he is dating someone that has snakes in the head. He needs her to break up with him, not the other way around. And so he lies, big time on a compatibility test of all things. When his step momma finds out she does what any good momma would do and guilts/threatens him into fixing it. Kinda proud of his step momma right now. So he comes clean with Emma and tries to fix it.

Emma and Logan together right from the start have sparks. Sure they may be sparks of hate and annoyance but they are there. Reading those colors turn brighter to sparks of love and joy was pretty heart-warming. Neither one of them tries to hide who they are from one another and regardless of what the other things they tend to accept each other on the surface. I like that both of them push the other to be better without realizing it. That is until Grace gets involved. Ironically she is the first Grace I have met that I did not like.

This one brings all the feels, and they are brought about naturally. It played almost like a 1990s love story of She’s All That or 10 Things I Hate About You. Favorite scene is when Emma is babysitting, it will probably be one of your favorite scenes as well. Especially liked how both sets of parents were involved in their children’s life. A feel good read that will have you laughing at loud. Here is hoping the author turns this one into a series.

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “You’ve already destroyed me enough for one day.”

Other People

Grace- mean girl, Logan’s ex
Matt- Logan’s bestie

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