Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful Thanksgiving Day Post

Every year Thanksgiving comes around,  I can't help but think that this is the forgotten holiday.  For Halloween and Christmas there are hundreds of decorations in the store.  Thanksgiving barely ten. People would get up on the Friday after Thanksgiving at 3 am and go shopping.  Now, they almost don't even have time to spend the day with their family- before the holiday shopping frenzy begins. Yes, shopping is their choice.  Honestly, though it is hard for someone to pass up a $300 savings?

There are a lot of things I am thankful for- my family, our home, my job.  The doctors in our lives that keep us healthy and strong.  The love that surrounds me daily.  There are several authors that I am thankful for.

Jaymin Eve

I discovered her this summer.  I started with the  The Supernatural Prison series.  The first book being Dragon Marked.  Jessa and Braxton soon became my favorite non-couple couple.  The only question truly being when will they get together.

CC Hunter 

I am so thankful she did a spin-off series with Della, one of Kylie's besties in The Shadow Falls series.  The spin-off series Shadow Falls After Dark finished up this year. Have no fear, rumor is she is writing Miranda's story next.

Kate SeRine

I am grateful that she started a romantic suspense series this year.  I loved her first series and her second series is looking to be just as enjoyable.  FBI agent Kyle Dawson was... umm yeah.. you are going to have to read the book to understand.  Let's just say he can protect me any day.

Jennifer Estep

I was kinda lost after the Mythos Academy series ended.  So when she same out with a new YA urban fantasy series Black Blade I gleefully found my way back into her grand world of imagination.

Ilona Andrews 

I am thankful that I stumbled across this urban fantasy series this summer.  I read all of the released books in about three weeks.  I loved gettng lost in the disarray of Atlanta Ga.  Kate's love life was an added bonus.

Kasie West 

I don't normally read young adult romance.  Yet, the blurb for The Fill In Boyfriend called to me saying "gal, you need to read this story."  I did and to be honest I couldn't remember why I leave this genre alone.  This one brought all the feels.

Chris Cannon 

The Blackmail Boyfriend was a book I picked up because I love her dragon shifter series- Going Down in Flames.  This book had me giggling at least every other chapter.  Sometimes you just need to giggle.

Cecy Robson 

She writes an urban fantasy series The Weird Girls. It is one of those series that captures your imagination, brings all the feels and of course breaks your heart just to mend it again.  Celia's story ended this year with A Curse Unbroken.  Have no fear though, we haven't heard the last from these sisters as Taran's tale is about to begin.


Jennifer L Armentrout

Y'all know I am a fan.  I pretty much read everything she publishes.  So yeah, she was a show-in for the thankful list.

There you have it.  The authors that I am most thankful for this year!  Did any of these make your list?  Who are your go-to authors?  Which stories are you most thankful for?

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  1. Great post!

    You know I'm grateful for JLA! That's a given. But I discovered Nalini Singh this year and I'm very grateful I did. So obsessed and so much to explore and read. She has a ton of free short stories on her website that go with the series' that she writes. MORE to read.

    Then there's just the genre of paranormal that I have fallen back in love with! I'm reading one by Christine Feehan right now and just finished one by Jessica Simms. Can't get enough of it. Contemporary just doesn't interest me right now.

    AND I am super grateful to have Oblivion in my possession. That's my read for Friday. Not going shopping but reading.