Monday, November 9, 2015

Review: Her Stand-In Boyfriend

Author Kelly Jamieson
Format E-book
Print Length 130 pages
Publisher Entangled Publishing, LLC
Published July 28, 2015

This boyfriend business is about to get a whole lot more personal…

Event planner Lexi Mannis has a busy life in Chicago—too busy to have a boyfriend. For special occasions, she has her Stand-In Boyfriend, Mac Northrop. Mac offers (almost) all the perks of a real boyfriend—furniture assembly, a date to big events, and someone to cook for. But they've never been “with benefits”…until one wickedly hot night crosses the line.

Mac's been in love with Lexi for ages. He knows he should probably end it, but dammit, he just can't. When things get deliciously down and dirty, Mac is certain that he's made the leap out of the friend zone…until Lexi decides she wants to remain friends. With benefits.

What Lexi doesn't know is that she's running out of time. And if she won't promote Mac to Real Boyfriend, she might just lose her Stand-In Boyfriend to someone else…

My Opinion

Lexi and Mac have been friends since their days in college. Mac was a poor geek back then, now he is a rich hunk. In the corporate world, there are events you have to go to- you plus one. Mac has Lexi go to these events with him, she is entertaining, fun and well he would rather be at these events with her than without her. Lexi is starting a party planning business, she has to network- she brings Mac to these things. He understands her, doesn’t expect anything and is dependable. Regardless of the situation both are always there for each other. They have only ever been friends, until that night. A glamorous bling bling dress, some adult beverages, a morning after. Mac’s excited to move their relationship forward- Lexi is scared stiff that she will lose her best friends. So she suggests friends with benefits. Mac walks away. Will Lexi realize her feelings too late?

This book is told in two people’s point of view Mac’s and Lexi’s. I love Mac’s voice. There is something about him that just- I promise you will want to crawl through your book and become his galfriend. Lexi on the other hand you will want to shake. How can someone be so blind?

This is an adult romance novel (ie… adult scenes). The chemistry between these two, when they do get together is off the charts. The best part is that the chemistry is still there even if when they are friends zoned.

Her Stand-In Boyfriend is a fast and easy read. There are moments when you want to swoon and there are moments when you want to shake some sense into Lexi. Mac you will love regardless. This would be the perfect beach or fall day read.

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars.

Favorite Quote “He seems to come running every time you snap your fingers. Sounds like more than friendship.”

Other People

Vanda- Lexi’sroomate and bestie
Dad- Lexi’sdaddy
Papa- Lexi’s other daddy, this is the one she goes to for advice

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  1. Hmmm...not sure I'd like Lexi. I mean, even after they have hot times together, she still wants him in the friend zone? Why? She may be too much of a user for me to deal with.