Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spotlight: Unbreakable

CC Hunter has a new novella coming out, it will be available in the U.S. on September 30th as an e-book and sold wherever e-books are sold. It’s Chase’s story on how he became an orphan and a vampire. 

In Unbreakable you’ll learn:
  1. Della Tsang wasn’t Chase Tallman’s first love.
  2. Never eat a hot dog in two bites in front of someone you want to impress.
  3. When your dog doesn’t like someone, trust your dog.
  4. According to a palm reader, Chase will come upon an amazing power, but whether he will use it for good or evil is yet to be seen.
  5. Never let someone you don’t know very well get you alone in a haunted house.
  6. Chase is told he’s a bad kisser.
  7. To a boy, girls are as frustrating to understand as they are intriguing.
  8. Never underestimate the power of a pet’s love.
  9. Siblings can be a pain in the butt, but never take them for granted. If you lose them, there will be an empty hole in your world.
  10. Never turn your back on a challenge. Especially if that challenge involves a life or death decision.

I will be honest- I am NOT a Chase fan. Hopefully this story will change my opinion about him.

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  1. I want to read this series. I love the sound of them. Now I'm wondering about Chase.