Friday, May 10, 2013

Review: Fusion

Author: Imogen Rose

Format: e-book
Print Length: 322 pages
Publisher: self-published
Published: March 13, 2013

There was just one little difference—my reflection was not separated from me by silver-coated glass. She could have been my twin, except I didn’t have one. No, she was me.

This is the fifth and final book of the Portal Chronicles.

My Opinion

Fusion was more about how Arizona deals with having a doppleganger than action like the previous books. Should she introduce herself? Should she stay away? What does this all mean? Which one is real? Can they both be real? Who loves who? Who ends up with who?

Arizona goes through a lot internally in the book, as does David. Kellan although supportive, cannot help but feel frustrated. He is of course the supportive boyfriend that we have come to know and love. Gertrude, the doggie, has a bigger role in this one as well. Although, I could not help but wonder at times if she was really helping or hindering Arizona’s progress. Arizona at the beginning of this one has reverted back to being a spoiled brat. Which did not endure her to me at all. Thankfully she turned into the sweet gal that I grew to love from the previous books.

Olivia (Arizona’s momma) is having a hard time with understanding her husband’s new role. She is extremely disbelieving of everything that is going around. Which is weird considering that she built a portal to an alternative dimension. I kinda wanted to shake her a few times.

Fusion, while lackluster did wrap up the Portal Chronicles nicely. All un-answered questions were resolved. Fusion, like the cover does bring the storyline full circle. However I could not help but think that is it? I waited this long for that? 

My Rating 3 out of 5

Favorite Quote “That girl or boy us your constant, a vault that holds all your fears, dreams, secrets, and desires.”

Other People

David- Arizona’s assigned Wanderer
Kellan- Arizona’s boyfriend
A- Arizona’s doppelganger
Ariele- bestfriend of A and Arizona

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