Saturday, May 18, 2013

Review: Elemental Dawn

Author: Maddy Edwards
Format: e-book
Print Length: 207 pages
Publisher: self- published
Published:April 14, 2013 

In Charlotte's fourth semester at Public everything is about to change. Princess Lanca's father, King Daemon, has been murdered, and Lanca will ascend to the vampire throne. But danger lurks around every dark corner and no one knows whom to trust. Can Charlotte and her friends come together to protect the princess against darkness, or will they be too late?

The Darkness Has Come 

My Opinion

I adore this series, so of course I stalked the authors website daily for the last month to discover the release date of the next book. As soon as it was live, I was held captivated in Charlotte’s world. 

I love the relationship of Charlotte, Sip and Lisabell. They interact with such ease, protecting each other even from themselves. They will face anyone, even Sip’s parents if need be. The faith and support these three have in each other is amazing. 

I was not impressed with Keller this time. I was angry with him. How dare he ignore Charlotte in front of his parents? How dare he feel betrayed by her dong what he feel in love with her doing? She has always protected a loved one- why would this time be any different? Stupid boy. This was completely disappointing, as I have come to rely on Keller for his supportive nature- and his faith in Charlotte, even his faith in their relationship. In this edition of Paranormal Public he is lacking in both support and faith. 

The ending got a whole WTH (what the heck) from me. Did they seriously just do that? After spending two years protecting her? Seriously, how dumb can the Paranormal Community be? Without Charlotte, the demons will prevail. All I could do was shake my head at their stupidity. Where will the dynamic trio go from here? 

Only time will tell, but June needs to hurry up and get here. Keller has a lot of graveling to do in my book. Or else Charlotte needs to move on to the hybrid/darkness mage who says very little. Even with boils on his skin he was more attractive than the fallen hot angel this time around. 

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote "Love keeps us all anchored to sanity."

Other People

Lanca- Vampire princess about to take the throne.
Lisabelle- darkness mage, everyone but a handful are terrified of her. She kinda rocks my world. 
Sip- tiny ware-gal born into a family of males, people underestimates her due to her size. She is a bossy gal though, with some backbone. 
Daisy-  hybrid vampire/darkness mage, she is kinda evil.
Dobrov- Daisy’s twin, he helps Charlotte out.

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