Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review: Fangtabulous

Author: Lucienne Diver
Format: eBook
Print Length: 288 pages
Publisher: Flux
Published: Jan. 8, 2013

Being on the lam from the Feds and the vampire council with no money is not as glamorous as it sounds, especially when I, Gina Covello, fashion queen of the undead, am forced to abandon my wardrobe. Salem, Massachusetts, seems like a great place to hide our supernatural gang. But who knew the city would be crawling with ghosts? The nasty spirit of George Corwin, infamous sheriff from the witch trial days, is on a killing spree. It's up to us to take down the breath-stealing phantom-without blowing our cover.

My Opinion

I received this book via the publishers through NetGalley. That in no way influenced my review.
Gina is a vamp on the run- but hey at least she still has her best friend Marcy and her vamp boyfriend Bobby with her.  They had actually been a part of the Vamp Fed club until they discovered that the Fed was experimenting on vamps.
Why not hid out in the one place they probably wouldn’t look- Salem, Mass.  Ironically, the home of the infamous witch hunts.  Unfortunately, there are evil ghosts abounded and one takes up shop in Gina’s boyfriend.
Gina is as valley vamp gal as ever.  Although, I got a little annoyed with her going back and forth between loving Bobby and lusting after Ulric.  He is a guy she met on her first Vamp Fed mission.  Bobby was as sweet and loving as ever except when he was possessed.  Then he was a homicidal manic.  Which for an extra special vamp- that’s not a good thing.
Fantgablous was not as exciting as I thought it would be.  The end of Fangtastic was so well fantastic that I was hoping that Fangtabulous would jump right in where we were left hanging.  There was little to no real excitement over the FBI chasing them.  This was strange although it did get mentioned a few times.  This book felt more like a filler book.  There are still way too many loose ends for the series to be over and it did end in a tiny cliff-hanger.  I just hope that with the next book there will be more resolution and fewer questions.

My Rating 3 out of 5

Other Characters

Bobby- sire, hot vamp boyfriend with powers
Marcy- Best friend, who is also a vamp
Brent- Former FBI, telemetric, and Marcy’s human Boyfriend

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