Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review: 2:32 AM

Author: Emily Ford
Format: eBook
Print Length: 329 pages
Publisher: Self-published
Published: Feb 8, 2012


In the early morning hours nearing her 17th birthday, Cat Townsend woke to the sudden blur of a mysterious unknown man sitting on the edge of her bed. She did not feel fear -- rather a strange calmness overtook her. In an instant their eyes locked, he lightly touched her hand, and then he disappeared into the nothingness of night.

Caught in that undefined place between asleep and awake, the moment felt hazy and surreal. A chill ran down Cat’s spine as she glances at the time – it’s 2:32 a.m.

What unfolds in the first book of The Djinn Master’s Legacy trilogy, is young Cat’s personal struggle with the overwhelming choice to accept a destiny of magic. As she contemplates the merits of unparalleled power, her new and ordinary world in Savannah, Georgia is understandably shaken. The closer her decision gets, the more twisted her life with family, friends and boyfriend becomes. Will she choose to give up everything she cherishes?

Find out, in 2:32 A.M. The time everything happens.

My Thoughts

I received this book via the publishers through NetGalley. That in no way influenced my review.
Cat’s family tends to move around a lot.  So it is no surprise that we meet her on her second day in Savannah Georgia.  What is a surprise is that when they lived in Colorado there was a neighbor who just so happens now lives in Georgia as well.  Todd turns out to be Cat’s love interest.   Then there is a guy who stalks her dreams and a genie that has to stay away from her because he loves her.
Cat was a hard character for me to like.  I felt like she was too accepting of the whole genie job take over.  I also felt like she did it for the wrong reasons.  I was bothered by her instant love for Rolf when she is in love with Todd.  It made me feel sad for Todd, almost like he got the raw end of this deal.
Rolf, mysterious genie who loves Cat.  I like that he is protective of her.  I do not like that he gets jealous of others in her life.  I also was not happy with him being a stalker genie first when she goes to camp and then when Todd goes to college.
The story was a hard-sell for me.  I liked that it was original but felt like it was underdeveloped.  At times the story was a bit baffling as well.  There were times when I had to re-read a portion to understand what was going on.  I got annoyed with everyone’s easy acceptance of everything.  No freaking out what so ever.  There were times when I wanted to give up on finishing the book.  Only there was something that kept me reading.  Maybe it was the need to know, or maybe it was something about the story that drove me to the end. 
Candace gave this book 4 stars
Pauline gave this book 4 stars

My Rating 2 out of 5

Other Characters

Todd- Cat’s first love interest, best friends with her brother
Hayden- Cat’s brother, best friends with Todd
Finnegan- genie that mentors Cat to take over his job
Rolf- genie in love with Cat

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