Saturday, May 26, 2012

Elemental Rising

Author: Maddy Edwards
Format: eBook
Print Length: 228 pages
Publisher: Self- Published
Published: May 2, 2012

Charlotte returns to Paranormal Public for her second semester knowing that she must embrace yet another new destiny.
She wasn’t expecting it to be easy, and it isn’t.
Now, demons beat at the protections surrounding Public, and inside the safety of the grounds is a new threat, an ancient resentment that has nothing to do with demons, but is born of a much more personal pain.
Luckily, she isn’t the target.
Or is she?
Now, she and her friends must stand together to protect each other, even if they don’t know from whom . . . until it’s too late.

My Thoughts

While reading about Charlotte and her friends the Spiderman quote keeps popping up in my mind, “with great power comes great responsibility.”  Boy, is Charlotte feeling that responsibility in this book.  The book is enjoyable, although choppy at times.  Regardless of it being choppy it is still one of my favorite series.  All the paranormal elements that I enjoy:  boarding school/college check, mixture of paranormals check, no love triangle check, the unexpected happing check.  I did figure out who the villain was pretty easy in this one but still it did not deter my joy of reading the book

I love me some Lisabelle and Sip.  Yeah, I know they are the supporting cast in this book but I cannot help but think that without them Charlotte would be boring.  Lisabelle brings out the rebel in Charlotte while Sip keeps them together as a family.  I love how they are always quick to defend each other in public- yeah they may disagree but the three gals always presents a united front in private it may be another story.

Other Characters

Keller- Fallen Angel, attracted to Charlotte but there are obstacles.
Lisabelle- Darkness Mage, she rocks applesauce with a temper to prove it.
Sip- Warewolf, being the only gal in a huge litter of boys has allowed her the ability create a home like environment for our misfits
Logan-Dreamweaver, lots of paranormals think his is a useless power
Lanca- Vampire princess, commands and gets respect
Mrs. Swan- Housekeeper for Astra, the dorm for elementals

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