Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beelzebub Girl

Beelzebub Girl

Author: Jayde Scott
Format: eBook
Print Length: 320 pages
Publisher: Aurora Press
Published: December 11, 2011

Seventeen-year old Cassandra is a fallen angel with absolutely no plans to take over the family business aka Hell. When she finds out she's cursed and soon bound to Hell forever, she has to come up with a good plan to escape fate.

Then Cassandra meets Dallas, the only one who can help her. Trouble is Dallas is mortal and falling for him was never supposed to happen.

Falling in love has never been this dangerous when she not only has to change her future, but also escape her destiny.

My Thoughts

This was the second book in a series and I was a little disappointed that the main characters from the first book took a backseat in this one.  I understand why but I would have loved some more Amber and Aiden time.  Cassandra is a strong character who is not afraid to bend the rules a little to get what she wants.  Being Lucifer’s daughter can make anyone shun rules.  But I did get a little annoyed with why she was keeping secrets from Dallas.  I mean she loves him and he loves her so why not just tell him.  Overall it was an easy and fun read.  I would of course read more from this author.

 Other Characters

Pinky/ Kinky - an angel and a demon gifted to Cassandra’s by her parents after their split (they kinda remind me of those cartoon angel/demons that sit on your shoulders).
Tharin- shape shifting demon, Cass’ closest friend, may have dated him before her daddy found out
Amber- Dallas’ sister sometimes makes life a little difficult for Cass
Aiden- Amber’s bonded mate, happens to be a vampire
Lucifer- Cass’ daddy, he really is the devil- kinda funny that her momma is an angel
Theo- a paranormal soul suck in Hell that Cass’ and Amber try to help

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