Friday, October 15, 2021

Review: This Cruel Blood

Review: This Cruel Blood
Author Everly Frost
Format e-ARC
Print Length 326 pages
Publisher Ever Realm Books
Published Oct. 8, 2021

I am a vampire with a thirst for revenge.
Relentless. Fearless. Or so I thought...

I swore I'd never be pulled back into my old life. I swore I was done... with him.

Aiden Brand. A pyromancer with hands of fire and a heart like ice.

Then he shows up asking for my help. He's broken, beaten, and hell bent on protecting me from demon who nearly killed me.

I thought I'd escaped the life of living in the dark spaces and fighting the monsters in the shadows.

Now my past is coming for me and there's no way out.

This cruel blood could be my end.

Content information: This is a dark urban fantasy romance, a fourth chapter in the Soul Bitten Shifter world with a HEA and NO cliffhanger. Recommended reading age is 17+ for sex scenes, mature themes, and language.

My Opinion

This Cruel Blood is the fourth book in the Soul Bitten Shifter series. The first book, This Dark Wolf, ends with the mother of all Holy cliffhangers! While the second book, This Broken Wolf, also ends on a cliffhanger it is a very different kind of cliff. The third book This Caged Wolf was the ending of Tristian and Tessa. So color me surprised when This Cruel Blood picks up right where Tessa and Tristian end.

Iyana, Tessa’s vampire bestie, has a past that has caught up with her. Granted he is a flaming hot pyromancer named Aiden, who just so happens to be in the employment of a demon, Banta Sol. Don’t let that get you down cause this second chance romance has chemistry that is off the charts. Aiden shows up not warning Iyana about his boss’ intentions of finding her and hurting her. Aiden kinda doesn’t trust that Iyana or her friends can keep her safe so he does what he has to do…kidnaps her. From there the race is on to stay two steps ahead of the demon mobster hunting Iyana.

Iyana is strong, fierce with a touch of class. She knows that she made mistakes in the past and yet she is trying to atone for them. Speaking of her past, holy smokes do we learn all about it. Her past explains a lot, how she ended up being loyal to Hidden House and Tristan, and why she holds herself apart from others. Color me surprised, I was not expecting her past to be so well… yeah that would be a spoiler.

Aiden is swoon worthy antihero. Every decision that he has made has been done to protect another. As his brother’s only protector, he had to made hard choices to do that. His only light was Iyana and then that light was extinguished. So he has walked around for the last year in the dark alone, until he sees a spark of her. Jumping at the chance to follow that spark he finds her to save her.

Due to their past, trust is a big issue, which is not surprising since this is a second chance romance. Iyana and Aiden together bring chemistry, and pangs of wishful hoping that they overcome their differences. Their love for each other was never in question. However, can you truly love someone if you do not know them or trust them.

This action-packed, tension filled read will keep you entertained for hours. The glimpses of Tristan, Tessa, Danika and Helen will welcome you home for this final instalment of the Soul Bitten Shifter series. The epilogue answers all of my remaining questions, and so it is time to leave the Soul Bitten Shifter realm. My only wish is that we would get a Lydia and Luna book.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote "The moment I first say you, I knew I needed you in my life.”

Other People

Clara- wisp
Lucas- Aiden’s brother
Banta Sol- demon after Iyana


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