Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Review: Cursed Witch

Chandelle LaVaun
Format e-book 
Print Length 454 pages 
Publisher Wanderlost Publishing 
Published June 30, 2020 

What is magic?

My name is Saraphina Proctor...and that’s the only thing I can remember.

I woke up alone, surrounded by darkness with no memory. No one here knows who I am, I don’t fit any of the missing persons reports, and the doctors can’t find a single thing wrong with me…my memory…my life…they’re just…gone.

But something lurks in the shadows in Salem, watching me…waiting. I feel its eyes on my back and my name whispered in the wind. Even in the light of day the friendly smiles around town put me on edge.

Someone isn’t telling me the truth but I will find out what happened to me…and I think Riah knows more than his pretty mouth is telling me. There's a story in those golden eyes of his, now I just need to get close enough to him to find out… 

My Opinion 

I may be biased… There is no may about it, I am biased. The author of this series is on my top ten all-time favorite authors list. She is on the automatically buy don’t even read the blurb list. . That being said, going into Saffie’s book, I felt that she was going to change things up. The main character for Elemental Magic series, Tegan was a hard-core, sneaky gotta love her kinda character. The main character for Academy Magic, Bettina was a girl next door turned kick-butt, I will prove you wrong kinda gal. So what would the Cursed Witch bring? Especially since the main character was introduced in the first series, Elemental Magic. Well, when her cursed ended at the end of the Academy Magic series it brought with it anemia for Saraphina Proctor, known to those who love and care for her as Saffie. 

The breaking of the curse sent Saffie back to Salem, where she woke up with anemia. Which means everything we thought we knew about her was now out the window, which was a game changer for sure. Saffie’s personality doesn’t go away, but it does evolve into a beautifully written vulnerable heroine. Her determination, grit, and positive attitude are still there. She is still learning about the world around her but without the help of the coven, which is fantastic. Please don’t get me wrong I love the coven members. I just appreciate the beautifulness of Saffie learning about herself and who she is without someone saying things like that is not how you use to do it. To circumvent this, two new characters were introduced Gigi and Savannah, who befriend Saffie and show her what she has been missing while cursed (unbeknown to them) to an amusement park for centuries. 

Riah is one of my absolute favorite heroes. He is so conflicted between duty and his feelings for Saffie. As a fae knight, Riah has been tasked by the Fae Prince Thorne to watch over Saffie has done so for three hundred years. Can you imagine? Watching over someone for three hundred years, the emotions/ feelings that may develop? Not only that but knowing also that she is meant for another. There is a plan, and he has to stick to the plan. He tries to protect her throughout the book as well as push her away. The back and forth should have given me whiplash instead it was explained in such a way that I completely got why he was running hot and cold. It made sense so much so that I couldn’t image him doing anything else expect what he did. The chapters that were in Riah point of view sets the background for their relationship and how he plays into Saffie’s story. 

The author has a way of making sure that the secondary characters have a voice to be heard. They bring an added dimension to this story, which allows their friendship with Saffie to grow organically. Landrea makes the perfect mentor for Saffie, having fostered other teens. The cameos from other Coven members were an added bonus. My favorite being that of Cooper whose presence in this addition shows the growth that a secondary character can undergo throughout a series if the author is just that damn good. This author really is. 

When I say this book brought all the feels, I mean all the feels. The first three chapters my heart was racing, my breath was short and I was in a panic. I read this in one sitting and came to regret that decision. It was over way to soon which is saying something since the book was 454 pages long. It ends in a cliffhanger that leaves you asking where the next page is. 

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. She’s a penguin. How is she a penguin? What is happening? This can’t be real. This can’t be happening. 

Other People 

Landreia Night- foster mom, Witch of Salem 
Dr. Rachel Troy- Saffie’s doctor 
Savannah- Saffie’s friend from school, hipster witch 
Gigi- Saffie’s friend from school, girl next door 
Ms. Kelly- Saffie’s teacher 

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