Friday, September 27, 2019

Let's Discuss: Life and Blogging

Blogging is fun- a stress reliever really. It's my own little place, space, and I don't have to share it with anyone except my readers.  Sometimes though, with my family, work and well reading the blog goes to battle with real life.  It isn't pretty- there is no mercy when it happens.  One is going to get knocked out and one will remain standing.

What do you do though when life and blogging collide?

I cannot tell a lie- when life and blogging go to battle, blogging loses big time. Just look at this past week. I am in charge of something at work, a co-adviser to something else, on top of it being homecoming week. The kids have practice three nights a week, and homework to boot. It is not that reading and blogging are not priorities. They are, they just are not as high on the list as well feeding my kids. Let's be real, I have to work to feed all of them so works is above blogging too. If you clump the hubby in with the kids you understand where one the list of priorities blogging is. Third! I promise now that the kids are in bed the house work is not getting done (although the dishes are running- put them in the dishwasher while the kids were awake). But I have four laundry baskets right next to me as I am typing this post. Yep! The blog comes before housework.

Does it make me feel bad?

Of course, it does. I decided though, that it shouldn't. If it did then it was just something else added to my to-do list. I don't want my safe place, my happy place, my mental she-shed to be a chore. Which is why on Tuesday instead of blogging- I argued with other fans of The Coven: Academy series. The spoiler post for The Frozen Witch finally was posted and by the time I got on it had over 500 comments. I had to read and respond.

How not to be like me:

You could pre-schedule posts. Often times I do, not this time and the blog took the hit. You could review the books you read right away instead of waiting and marinating over the ending. I marinate, can't help it. Don't want to help it, which is why reviewing is sometimes not as frequent as other blogs. Or you could do you! Blog how you want if you blog and if not, read what you want and comment on author's spoiler post. Either way in the end you will be happy. Now I am off to fold a load of laundry then to bed since this human taxi starts early tomorrow morning for cheer and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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