Sunday, December 30, 2018

Preview Review: In A Badger Way

Net Galley had a preview of this one and I knew it was a bad idea to request it. Since reading it, I keep checking the release date hoping that it has moved up. It hasn't-still releasing in March. Which if you read the preview- you would know was torture.

As with most previews though, this one ended way too soon and now I just want/need the book. I have to know what goes on with Stevie and her sisters, especially since the psychotic Kyle is actually worried about Stevie. When has he ever been concerned about anyone but himself?

Shen is of course on security duty for Kyle and when he stops by to see Stevie- let just say she is in the middle of a panic attack. Watching him try to calm her down is hilarious. 

I absolutely am dying for the finished product.

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