Monday, November 12, 2018

Review: House of Royale

Author Jaymin Eve 
Format e-book 
Print Length 268 pages 
Publisher self 
Published Sept. 15, 2018

Avalon has always felt different and alone. The ocean, along with the friends she’s made under the water, is the only constant in her life. She comforts herself with the notion that alone is at least safe. There’s no one to hide her extraordinary abilities from, to hide her dreams of living beneath the crashing waves forever. 

Then Xander comes for her, reluctantly, judging by his snarly attitude. But, attitude aside, he draws her into a fantasy world, one filled with family and friendship and … the home she’s always craved. 

He gives her the smallest glimpse of perfection, only to then inform her that it’s not a world she can have. Political issues in Royale will make her time there temporary. 
Her time in Royale and with Xander. 

She will stay until the very end, though. If there’s one thing that she’s determined to prevent, it’s Laous getting his hands on the starslight stone. A stone which is keeping two worlds alive and functioning. 

A happily ever after might not be in the cards for her, but she’s determined to make it happen for her friends. 

Even if it’s the last thing she does. 

My Opinion 

Ava’s family just up and left her, to go on a year long cruise. So she works as a lifeguard and at the sanctuary with her only friend Dr. Spinner a retired widower. She finds safety and comfort in the water but cannot let anyone know of her swimming skills, or of her communicating with the animals. She is okay though, and she doesn’t wallow in self-pity for not having the kinda house that the television says you are supposed to have. No parents, white picket fence and a dog for her. 

Xander is a Daelighter from the House of Royale. A house that has really messed up illusions about how relationships are supposed to be. So much so that he does not want to find his soul mate. He just wants to get the job done. He is domineering and at times a jerk but there is a softer side to him. His home is beautiful and yet tragic in nature. His mom well…just read it and you will understand. 

The House of Royale is the final story in the Secret Keepers series. While it does come to an end, there are some questions that were never answered. Some characters, granted secondary that you can’t help but wonder about. The friendship of the keepers is what makes this series for me. They bond, they become a family for some of them their first family. None of the girls tear each other down. Instead focusing on how to help each other, rely on each other and be a beacon of strength for each other. 

I enjoyed this series, it was not my favorite by Jaymin Eve- that will always be the Supernatural Prison series. I can say this on is a solid, well developed series that will keep you entertained for hours. 

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote “I’m not going to be a burden for you.” 

Other People 

Laous- big baddie 
Emma- first secret keeper 
Callie- second secret keeper 
Mia- third secret keeper

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