Monday, July 30, 2018

Review: The Marquis and I

Author Ella Quinn 
Format e-ARC 
Print Length 320 pages 
Publisher Zebra 
Published Feb. 27, 2018 

Trouble is no match for a lady of the extended Worthington family—except when it comes in the form of a most irresistible gentleman...

Lady Charlotte Carpenter’s brother-in-law has put an infamous brothel owner out of business—yet it is Charlotte who suffers the consequences. Abducted by thugs and held at an inn, she is plotting her escape when she’s suddenly rescued by a dashing gentleman. Only afterward does she realize she’s seen him before—with two courtesans! Unwilling to tarry with such a man, Charlotte makes her second escape. But it is too late to repair her reputation.

A known gossip has spied Charlotte’s movements, and his report is speeding through the rumor mill. Soon, everyone knows that Charlotte spent the night with Constantine, Marquis of Kenilworth. And everyone agrees the only answer is marriage—including Constantine himself, his overjoyed mother—and his mistress! But Charlotte’s abductors aren’t finished with her yet. Now Constantine will do anything to protect the spirited woman he loves and win her heart. 

My Opinion 

When I first fell in love with reading it was reading historical romances. So when this one popped up on my radar I jumped at the change to read it. This one is the fourth book in a series, so it may help you if you read them in order. While it could be stand alone, there are a lot of previous characters that show up. 

The Marquis of Kenilworth is not looking for a wife. The girls that are out and about this season need a little bit more experience for him to take notice. He is happy with his mistress and doesn’t care who knows about it. When his friend the Earl of Worthington is off on his honeymoon, he is asked to rescue his sister who was abducted. Annoyed he takes off after the carriage. Lady Charlotte may have been abducted off the street yet she is not about to cry. No, she tries to come up with a plan to escape. They are caught coming back to town and thus have to get engaged. While attracted to Constantine, Lady Charlotte is horrified by his loose morals. 

Wow! Lady Charlotte is a girl who knows her mind. She is intelligent and yet so very na├»ve. Due to events from the previous books, she has learned to defend herself and knows of certain situations in life that could be ruinous to others. She has a strong opinion on who is at fault in those type of situations (the male). At times she is downright unlikable and snobbish. 

Constantine is a stand-up guy. I really liked him. He didn’t have to step up to the plate but time and time again he did. From rescuing her from her kidnappers, to rescuing her from herself, to helping his mistress- he has a bit of a rescuing problem. 

Lady Charlotte and Constantine together is an amusing pair. She pushes him away and he comes right back to her. For a rake, he sure knows how to maintain a girl’s reputation. Lady Charlotte is a bit harsh in her opinions of him keeping a mistress. 

The secondary characters make this story all the more charming-with siblings, in-laws, mothers, and pets all putting their two cents into the idea of these two getting married. The mystery of who tried to abduct Lady Charlotte and why helps to push the story along. 

The Marquis and I is an entertaining read that will have you laughing and sighing. You may even get annoyed with Lady Charlotte but that is what makes a good story. One that brings all the feels. 

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote The idiot clearly did not know the first thing about winning a female. Never let another man walk off with her. 

Other People 

Matt/Grace- brother and sister-in-law 
Miss Betsy- evil lady

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