Sunday, May 27, 2018

Review: The Rules of Rebellion

Author Amity Hope
Format e-book
Print Length 150 pages
Publisher Entangled: Crush
Published April 2, 2018

1. Skinny dip (her idea)
2. Stargaze (his idea)
3. Prank someone (her idea)
4. Go on a date (his idea)

Leo Zimmerman has had a crush on his curvy friend Kylie Jenkins since forever, so when he discovers the girl with a flair for candy making has a newfound plan to rebel against her overbearing parents, he’s determined to be the one to help her carry it out. Who better than himself to show her the ropes of letting loose?

Sure, taking her to her first high school party, helping her sneak out of the house, or watching a sunset together isn’t exactly a hardship, but much harder is masking his feelings the more time they spend together. And when he suggests adding “a first date” to Kylie’s plan and she accepts…suddenly all his dreams seem to be coming true.

But Leo’s got a secret that could change everything between them, and it’s only a matter of time before it comes to the surface. 

My Opinion

Kylie makes a high school bucket list after her baby sister tells her she needs a life. Only she loses the list. Leo finds a list written by Kylie, who he has liked forever. This list gives him enough courage to ask her out, kinda. By making her list a reality. 

Kylie is the middle child, and her parents are a little on the strict side. Which is why she has never pushed the limits. She loves to bake and makes lots of treats for her friends to try out. She is also feeling a little lonely since her besties all got boyfriends now. This is a common problem in high school and I like how she makes a list to overcome it instead of wallowing in self-pity. She is extremely relatable in not wanting to rock the boat, and being the friendly one in the group. Leo is adorable and his secret is not much of a secret as in it really isn’t his fault. I love his interest in art and his abilities to overcome his parents being well the way he is.

The history between the two families is the secret, although Kylie knew nothing of it. How her parents handle things is interesting and his parent’s reaction was pretty spot on as well. More importantly is how Leo handles everything and his take on the situation. Talk about mature. He truly is a gentleman.

This is a cute read that you can finish in a few short hours. It brings all the feels and leaves you with a smile on your face. The characters and the situations that they are in are extremely likeable.  I liked it so much I ended up one clicking the other one in the series.

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote
“If it wasn’t for me, you’d probably be spending the evening hanging out with those ogres, elves, and magical fairies you like so much.”

Other People

Allie- Kylie’s little sister
Francesca- Kylie’s bestie
Meg- Kylie’s bestie

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