Friday, March 23, 2018

Review: The Big Bad Wolf

Author Jus Accardo
Format e-ARC
Print Length 184 pages
Publisher March 5, 2018
Published Entangled: Teen

Kensey Deaton comes from an elite werewolf lineage, but just because her family is royalty, doesn't mean she'll fall in line like some perfect little princess. She has plans and they don't include an arranged marriage!

Slade McAlister has his own family drama. His Alpha father happens to be the most reviled wolf on the eastern seaboard, and it's a stigma he can't escape. So when his neighbor Kensey--the girl of his dreams and his nightmares--proposes a solution to solve *both* of their problems, he sees an opportunity he can’t ignore.

Kensey and Slade aren't only from opposite sides of the tracks, they're from opposite sides of the war. But if they can sell their 'relationship', they might just make it out of this with their freedom.

You know, as long as all that fake PDA doesn't turn into more...

My Opinion

Both Kensey and Slade’s daddies are Alpha’s of their packs. The difference is that Kensey’s daddy is respected in the community they live in and Slade’s daddy is hated. Both are expected to make a good match. Both are expected to have arrange marriages unless love prevails. Both are given ultimatums from their parents. Kensey comes up with a plan, and Slade reluctantly agrees. As long as they stick to the plan no one gets hurts. As long as they stick to the plan no one loses their hearts. They just have to stick to the plan, too bad the plan may just cause them to all in love after all.

I liked Kensey…. she has a lot of grit. She doesn’t think she has to flaunt her womanly nature just to get stuck in a marriage where she is not an equal. She embraces her wolf and both of them coexist nicely together. She changes the status quo and goes after what she wants. She doesn’t understand where she and Slade went wrong as friends but she has his back if he needs.

Slade is a trickery wolf to like. He fights his wolf tooth and nail, he fights his nature, his family/friends and well everyone. He distances himself from those he know he could possible hurt and he is not comfortable in his own skin. This makes him difficult. He does all of this out of love, which makes him even more likeable.

The chemistry between the two are off the charts. I love how comfortable their interactions are even when they are uncomfortable. They clearly know each other and have a history together. What went wrong is pretty heartbreaking, and made me sad for both of them. So much missed time, if only they would have talked.

The Big Bad Wolf was a fun, light read which is just what you need sometimes. You will cheer both Kensey and Slade on, you may even yell at him a time or two. I did shed a tear at one point when Kensey and another girl are talking. Overall, it brings out the feels without being overwhelming.

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “Pack daughters were revered and showered with love- because we had the hardest lot in life.”

Other People

Clarissa- Slade’s half sister
Carter- suitor for Kensey’s hand in marriage

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