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Review: Fallen Crest High

Author: Tijan
Format: ebook
Print Length: 452
Publisher: self-published
Published: October 31, 2012 

Mason and Logan Kade are two brothers who did their own thing. They were rich and expected to attend her school, Fallen Crest Academy. They chose public school and now Samantha has to live with them. The problem is that she doesn't care at all: about them, about her friends, about her cheating boyfriend, or even about her parent's divorce. But maybe that's a good thing. Maybe change is a good thing. 

My Thoughts 

Sammie is having a heck of a year. She walks in the week before her junior year to find her mom surrounded by boxes. They are moving out, leaving her daddy and going to leave with her momma’s boyfriend. Later that night she finds out her boyfriend of three years has been cheating on her with one of her besties while the other one knew, and covered for them. Sammie writes them all off- withdraws into herself and her running. 

Oh yeah, the boyfriend- the one that her momma moved them into- has two sons Mason and Logan. At first Mason and Logan ignore her, and she does the same. She tells no one that she is living with them- because to be honest that would be inviting trouble. Girls wanted to get with them and boys wanted to either be friends with them or fight them. They weren’t worth it- too much trouble. All that mattered was running her pain away. 

Without any friends Sammie becomes numb, until a girl at school starts talking to her. Becky quickly becomes Sammie friend but Sammie is reluctant to trust her. Becky’s next door neighbor, Adam admits to a crush on Sammie. She keeps telling him that nothing will happen- he doesn’t seem to understand. 

Mason and Logan start to notice Sammie when her and her mother are fighting. Mason steps in and protects Sam. Once it gets out that Sammie is living with them and about to become their step-sister the vultures come out. Some who want to be her friend only to get close to the brothers. Others who want to destroy her because she is getting close to the brothers. 

I like Samantha- she is going through a lot. Dealing with it, her head held high must have been difficult. Yeah, she will do a few stupid things but seriously she deserves to rebel a little. At first I thought she was a little well weak- her boyfriend had been cheating on her for two years but once it came to light- she showed how strong she really was. 

The brothers: Mason and Logan. Mason is the fighter and Logan is the talker. They do not worry about hurting people’s feelings much. Although they are very protective of those that they love, their first loyalty is to each other. I like how open to Sammie they become- Logan as a sister and Mason as something more. Sam’s relationship with both of them felt natural, not forced. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next in their world. I did kinda hope that Logan would start dating Becky but atlas, that did not happen. 

My Rating 4 stars out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote "People are snakes, you just have to figure out their different colors, but they're all the same.  Everybody wants something."

Other Characters 

Jessica- Ex-bestfriend, currently with Sam’s ex boyfriend 
Jeff- Sam’s cheating ex-boyfriend 
Nate- The brothers' best friend 
Becky- only gal at school that will talk to Sam, love that she is bubbly

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