Saturday, July 14, 2012


Author: Imogen Rose
Format: eBook
Print Length: 416 pages
Publisher: Self-published
Published: July 7, 2012

Second haiku warning:

A boyfriend missing
A lover must pay in blood
A princess must die

Welcome back to Bonfire Academy.

My Thoughts

This is book two of The Bonfire Academy Series.  This book is used to explain the time from Initiation to Faustine- Book One of the Bonfire Chronicles. The setting is a private school where paranormals are expected to gain control of their powers and then to become integrated back into human/paranormal society.  Cordelia, Faustine’s mentor, is the narrator of the book.  As Cordelia makes the transition from student to Academy intern, the danger towards Faustine still remains.  Dealing with Faustine’s would-be assassin should be enough for Cordelia.  But life is not easy for the demon princess of Paris- Cordelia also must deal with the unusual phenomena of synching with Jagger, a fairy while still dating Quinn a demon. 
The world that is created in Initiation is farther explored in Integration.  It is an amazing world where there are rules that are very telling of their society.  The golden rule is to Trust No One.  This is an especially hard rule for paranormals to learn. I loved that this school catered towards several types of paranormals- witches, trolls, fairies, shifters, demons, wanders and vampires. 
My favorite thing about this book is that is allows you to escape into a world of make-believe.  A world that you do not want to leave until the book is finished.  You could have started the book at two in the afternoon or ten at night.  It does not matter, you will not stop reading it until the end.  So if you have a major project to present the next day or an assignment to do- wait until a lack of sleep does not matter to start the novel.

My Rating  4 out of 5 stars

Other Characters

Jagger- fairy hybrid, synched to Cordelia
Quinn- demon, grew up with Cordelia and is her boyfriend
Faustine- human/demon hybrid, demon princess of London and unknown heir to the throne
Ryker- Wander, synched with Faustine- although she has no clue
Octavia- Vampire lawyer


  1. Great review! Amazing book! Thanks so much!

  2. Allison,
    It was awesome. Canot wait for the next book Bonfire Chronicles book to come out.